Revenge: Spiced Rum

Rum Label concept and typography


Robert Maynard, First lieutenant of HMS Pearl, the man who lead the final confrontation against Edward Teach “Blackbeard” had a secret. After the final battle left Blackbeard dead and his ship and crew captured, Maynard found amongst Blackbeard’s belongings the pirate captain’s personal, and favorite, stash of Bumbo Rum. Maynard quickly secreted away this stash, taking it as his personal reward, telling no one. An action he would later have justified as the prize money for taking down Blackbeard was to be unfairly distributed amongst all of the HMS Pearl’s crew, not just the 20 that actually risked their lives.

Robert Maynard held onto this stash, sharing it only with trusted guests and family members, but always keeping it’s origin a secret. He finally shared his secret with his son, who chose to keep the Maynard family secret but his fascination turned to learning distillery and he began trying to recreate the unique flavor found in Blackbeard’s Rum, a tradition and hobby…maybe even obsession that stayed within the Maynard family for 2 more generations. Today, finally, Robert Maynard the 4th believes he has finally discovered the perfect formula; and the Maynard family is ready to share their secret with the world.

Interestingly enough, Blackbeard’s favorite drink is as much an Irony as Blackbeard’s reputation. In spite of his reputation as one of the cruelest most feared pirates, there is actually no written account that Blackbeard had killed or tortured any of his captives. Blackbeard was really more of a shrewd businessman that used fear as a cudgel more than the cudgel itself.

By the same token, it comes as a surprise that Blackbeard’s favorite Bumbo is actually quite sweet in flavor, perhaps this is why he kept it so closely guarded. The drink is a Sweet rum with a strong cinnamon spice flavor that tastes great served cold, room temp, or even hot. 

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